My Own Program


One of the tricky things about eating disorders is that it is not simply a matter of giving up a substance. We need to eat, so our patterns can get triggered at least a few times each day.  There is more to recovering from alcohol than giving up drinking, yet at least that part of it is clear. Not so clear for a person with an eating disorder. It is complex, and I believe the “program” may be different for each individual.

Over time, I have developed a program for my own healing and written it on a page of my journal. The ideas were inspired partly by some of my favorite spiritual/personal growth writers, and from 12-step literature. I notice that I included very little about food! I think this is because I want my life to be guided by values and thoughts other than food.

(I have also created a unique food plan for myself with the initial guidance of an ED nutritionist, and I will write about that in a later post.)

So, the following is my program!

I trust my higher self and I am my own loving ally.

Nourish self * allow myself to receive care and sustenance

Stride and glide through the air, in nature * ~ ~ (walk and ride bikes, peacefully!)


Tune in to feelings, safely express, and turn them over to God (higher source)

Ground and center, breathe ~

Wait until hungry (not starving), savor, eat until satisfied, move on! 

Use my food plan as a guide also when necessary (anytime I’m below healthy weight or acting on my patterns)

Be “LOVE DRIVEN” (rather than food driven.)

Ask for support, and offer support to others.  (try to set a time to talk with someone at least once per week).

Dine in company * It supports me to have a relaxed, social atmosphere (especially a small gathering with people I am comfortable with) and to be around “normal eaters”!

Turn it all over to God daily ~ 

“Seek, and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be open, ask and it shall be given and the love come a-tumblin’ down.”

“Improve conscious contact with God” (some form of meditation) and ~

God is Love

Write in journal ~ daily is good, but we are not going for perfection!

Listen to inner guidance, and follow ~

Simple affirmation ~ deep within, my soul knows what I need to be well. I am well and whole.

Be Kind, Be Kind, Be Kind ~

So that is my healing and wholeness program! I am finding that it is truly helpful to go back and read some of it each day, and especially take time to contemplate a few parts.





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